Sciarpa Cuore
Sciarpa Cuore
Sciarpa Cuore
Cuore Scarf

Cuore Scarf

Art scarf, reproduction of the painting "Cuore" by Eugenia Papa, oil on canvas, 2010. A unique piece made of micromodal linen and silk. The micromodal is a natural fiber, a very versatile fabric that is perfect to be used in the textile blends combined with noble fibers such as silk and cashmere. Here, the combination with linen, a natural higher quality fiber, and silk, a fine beautiful fabric, grants an elegant and sophisticated garment. The print is done with ink-jet technique, the direct injection of color on the fabric, which allows to reproduce any kind of painting or photographic image. The scarf measures 140 x 140 cm. In the provided measures there could be a tolerance due to the natural fabric and to the craftsmanship of the garment.

Product Details

Second Collection - Spring/Summer
Fabric composition
50% Micromodal 42% Linen 8% Silk
140 x 140 cm
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