Cuore Scarf

Art scarf, reproduction of the painting "Cuore" by Eugenia Papa, oil on canvas, 2010. A unique piece made of micromodal linen and silk. The micromodal is a natural fiber, a very versatile fabric that is perfect to be used in the textile blends combined with noble fibers such as silk and cashmere. Here, the combination with linen, a natural higher quality...

Cuore Clutch Bag

This clutch bag is inspired by the painting "Cuore"by Eugenia Papa, oil on jute, 2011. The print faithfully reproduces the subject of the work of art with its rich and vivid colours. While the coloured print infuses character into this marvelous creation, the material is made of makes it practical and durable. You will match it with any kind of outfits...
T-shirt Cuore

Cuore T-shirt

OVER T-Shirt Cuore
Short sleeve pure cotton white t-shirt. Oversize model with colorful print inspired by the painting "Cuore" by Eugenia Papa. A big red heart stands out against a mix of colours and shapes. Comfortable to wear, it has a loose fresh fit to keep you cool even on the hottest summer days. The packaging is also appealing: a nice cotton bag together with a card...
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