A natural fibre that is obtained by processing cellulose extracted from the bark of beech wood. MicroModal is different to Modal. It is finer, as its name suggests, and therefore lighter. MicroModal is perfect for textile blends and is used in combination with fine fabrics such as cashmere and silk, because it enhances their qualities.


Micromodal fabrics have very bright colours and remain soft even after many washes, because they do not absorb calcium residue in water.



The INKJET printer that we use to print our scarves is at the cutting edge of fabric printing technology and allows us to reproduce any illustration, regardless of the number of colours, and to transfer photographic images with total accuracy. The technique involves the direct injection of colour onto the fabric. The colours form the images simultaneously, not one at a time, as in traditional printing. The colours we use are very fluid which enables us to produce incredibly soft fabrics.


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